About Myself

Some facts about me if you’re interested:

Name: Renee Diprose (duh)

Age: 18

Dream Job: Stable career as a TV Editor (notice I specifically asked for a stable career. This industry can be hard.)

I am a uni student, a Girl Guide, and someone who probably spends too much time watching TV shows. Obviously if anyone asks I’m researching for my career…

I’m here to share my bottled up thoughts with the world (or whoever bothers to read it) as well as my half decent photos.

I made a list of goals for my first month as a blogger, which are contained within my first blog post.

Also here are some guidelines for my blog (again, these were in my first post):

1. These photos are mine. If you would like to use them for any reason, please contact me via email or through comments (though if it’s urgent, email is best). If I allow you to use them, you must credit me.

2. Please don’t leave negative comments. It’s a complete downer for me, and a downer for anyone else who just happens to read it. Negative comments are more likely to block my creativity making it harder to be myself and therefore make the blog less interesting. Don’t be That Person. If you disagree with me, get the hell off my blog. Everyone is allowed opinions, of course, but if you sharing your opinion completely disrespects or disregards mine, then I really don’t want to hear it. Also, if you’re homophobic, get out now. This really is not the place for you.

3. Also on the topic of comments – please don’t comment to garner sympathy for yourself about something. Or even worse, please don’t comment to convey your pity for me. I will be the first to admit that I don’t always respect myself, or like myself very much. Likely that will come up here. But please don’t post sympathy comments (e.g. I post: “I look gross”, and then you post “you’re beautiful don’t be so down!”). While I appreciate the gesture, this blog is where I plan to express myself completely. Comments like this are more irritating than helpful as it feels that you’re not respecting my desire to be myself.

So yeah. That’s me!