09/02/2017: Shit, it’s been a while…


Hey everybody,

So it’s been over a week since I last posted and I want to apologise for that. I know that I said I would post everyday but as time goes on I’m starting to realise that just might not be possible for me, so instead I’m just going to post weekly from now on.

As you may remember, I mentioned that I was going camping on the weekend. That did indeed happen, and it was the lead up to that that meant I couldn’t post on Wednesday or Thursday.

I am hoping to post every Sunday (not including next Sunday since today is Thursday and it wouldn’t give me much time), and that having a week to take photos instead of a day will make it easier to come up with more interesting things to share with you all!

Today’s post will be a somewhat combination of photos from the last few days (most being from the camp) and I have quite a few to share so it will definitely be a big one!


I took this photo last Thursday on an impromptu trip to the city with Matt. This started out as one of those times when I was unmotivated to do anything and we managed to turn it around into a few fun hours in the city. I wanted to try getting the smooth effect you see on photos of waterfalls – you know, when the water looks more like silk then water? By slowing down the shutter speed I gradually got closer to the effect I wanted. The only problem was that I didn’t have my tripod so the photo often turned out blurry. This is one of the few decent ones I managed to get.

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 32

F Stop: 20

Exposure: 1/3


Another photo from the city trip. The museum was surrounded by pigeons as per usual and I tried to take photos of them in mid-flight. Taking photos of birds is one of the reasons I really want to get a better lens (the one I currently use is 18-55mm, I would like to get one which is 55-300mm one day.) I always forget to put the camera in sports mode at first, and as a result the first few photos always end up with blurred wing movements because the shutter speed is too slow. This photo was definitely the best one of the day.

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 55

F Stop: 5.6

Exposure: 1/1000


Here begins the photos I took whilst camping over the weekend. I only really took photos on Saturday because we hiked down to the beach at the conservation park, and there really were some lovely views. However this particular photo is less about the view and more about the friends I was camping with. I liked how they were framed by the nature around them, yet they were in focus more so than the surroundings. It reflects how I enjoy camping as a bonding experience between people, as we share many (many, many, many!!) struggles with being subjected to unfamiliar conditions such as heavy rain which prevents us from cooking food and threatens the security of our campsite (yes, this actually happened – we left a day early because it just would not stop raining!) Overall it was a good experience, because we had to work together in ways many people never get tested.

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 55

F Stop: 7.1

Exposure: 1/200


This is the view I was talking about. We began at the top of a hill and had to walk all the way down to the beach. Very clearly in the distance, Kangaroo Island is visible (I really want to go camping there one day too!). I don’t usually take photos of landscapes because I tend to find them uninteresting, but I hadn’t really seen a view like this before and it was absolutely stunning. Some things are worth breaking your own personal rules for – this was one of them.

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 20

F Stop: 8

Exposure: 1/250


Another shot of the view, from a downhill perspective. I liked how the trees framed the view so that it is more visually interesting, plus how the track framed a couple of my friends in the distance. I actually got quite behind the group for photography’s sake so I hope you all enjoy these! I certainly think it was worth it.

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 38

F Stop: 6.3

Exposure: 1/160


I’m breaking another personal rule again. I don’t like taking photos at the beach (at least not when they’re just of the ocean) because they are predictable and boring. Oh look, it’s some water and some sand. Bleh. But the colours in this photo had to be shared. I am in love with how the blues of the ocean turned out in this one. This beach is basically having me break all the rules here, and it’s fucking worth it!!

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 55

F Stop: 10

Exposure: 1/400


I’ve grouped these together because they’re similar, but different enough that I wanted to share them both. I spent a lot of time up on the rocks at this beach, taking photos of the water coming up and splashing. I think my camera might have even got a little wet in the process (oops!) I enjoy taking photos of water and rocks a little too much than is healthy I think…

Image Specifics (First Image):

Focal Length: 55

F Stop: 6.3

Exposure: 1/1600

Image Specifics (Second Image):

Focal Length: 55

F Stop: 5.6

Exposure: 1/500


What do you do when two of your friends ask another friend to take a boomerang video of them on instagram? You take photos of the whole thing of course! That’s basically what happened here – I slightly crashed their cute instagram plans and took sneaky pictures of the jump. I believe they were happy when I showed them the photo anyway, and this photo lead to me taking more later on which are seen below!

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 40

F Stop: 9

Exposure: 1/320

These were slightly staged in that my friends asked me to take photos of them getting hit by waves so they could see their faces. I love that they managed to forget I was there for the most part and just be themselves. I hope they enjoy having these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them – humans really are the most interesting subjects to photograph. We’re all so unique that it makes each photo special in a different way.

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 48, 55 and 42

F Stop: 9, 10 and 11

Exposure: 1/320, 1/400 and 1/500


Here’s the last one from the camp, and for today’s post. My friend just happened to plonk herself down in the shallows so I snuck up behind and took some cute photos messing around with depth of field. I like how it makes her look like she’s in her own world compared to the people playing in the water – an observer not a participator (that is not what is going on here in reality at all, but from a philosophical stand point maybe!)

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 55

F Stop: 10

Exposure: 1/400

That’s it for this week guys! I am so so so so sorry this took so long to post – I had to recover from camp and then I was unpacking and then I had prior planned commitments coming out of my ears and I just never found the time until now. I hope it was worth the wait! I’ll try to be more on schedule from now on. See you all on the 19th! 🙂

Renee xx


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