29/01/2017: Let’s talk about pets, baby


Hi all!

Another relatively short post today. I feel like talking about animals.

Now when I say animals, I mean pets. The concept is a little strange isn’t it? One day, a long time ago, someone decided to let an animal live in their home. They decided to teach it things, like one might teach a child. And for some reason, the idea caught on. Then you had people deciding that they didn’t want to be like everyone else, they wanted to have a different kind of animal and teach it different things. We’ve progressed to the point where not having an animal live in our home is strange, and people often feel left out if they don’t have one.

And the thing is, it could have been anything that started like this – we just happened to choose animals. We could’ve adopted plants, or rocks (though they did try and make that a thing… I still love pet rocks), or literally anything else, but it’s animals we chose.

I guess that its because they are more like us than anything else, but then that makes me ask: why some animals and not others? Why a dog, which has the potential to become dangerous, over something like a sloth which is less likely?

I’m in a questioning mood today, I apologise.

I decided to share my thoughts about how weird pets really are because today’s photos are mostly of my friend’s labrador, Ella.

Now, Ella is a somewhat odd dog, due to the fact that she’s totally bonkers. But I won’t spoil her reputation, I’ll just share these adorable pictures. I apologise, because there isn’t much to say about these on the photographic scale. I wasn’t trying to experiment or anything, I was just trying to get a half decent shot to begin with! Ella is very restless.


This one was a total accident. Well partly. The flash wasn’t supposed to be on, so her facial expression is due to the fact that she was pretty much blinded by the light. That and she’s somewhat insane. But I didn’t tell you that.

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 55

F Stop: 5.6

Exposure: 1/60


This one is a nice one too. My friend Emily was holding her attention captive with food so that I could take a good picture (this time without blinding her!) It does look like she’s howling a little though…

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 32

F Stop: 4.5

Exposure: 1/25

That’s it for today guys! Thanks for stopping by!

Renee xx


One thought on “29/01/2017: Let’s talk about pets, baby

  1. Emily says:

    It is weird that people just chose specific animals as pets…not only that but being more specific with the fact that they further difined their pet to what we class as ‘normal’ when infact it could have been a tiger or a wolf.. Something we would class ‘weird’.


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