28/01/2017: Not-quite-sunset photography


Hi again!

Just so you’re all up to date with my thinking, I think that after this first month, I’ll begin posting once a week only. That way my posts will be more interesting, less frequent and I’ll have more to talk about and more time to take interesting photos. I really do want to experiment more with my photography, however finding the time to do it each day can be difficult. But I made a goal, so one month of daily posting I shall do.

However, next weekend I’ll be away camping, with no electricity and very little reception, so I’ll only post on the Sunday, not the Friday or the Saturday. But this is good news for all of you, because I’ll have had lots of time to take some really nice photos!

Today Matt and I decided to play around with taking photos at sunset. The only problem with this is that we got distracted with dinner, so we kind of accidentally missed sunset. Nevertheless, the sky was still quite beautiful with blues fading into oranges, so we ventured out anyway.

Now, I love a good sunset. And I especially like watching a sunset at the beach. But by God are sunsets at the beach so over done in photography. The only time you will see a photo of a beach sunset here would be if the clouds looked exceptionally pretty, or I was actually taking photos of people and the sunset happened to be there. But I avoid beach photos anyway, because sand is really not good for my tripod (a fun fact I discovered in Year 12!)


This photo is by far my favourite from today. I spent a lot of time taking photos of the plants (as you can probably guess by the top image today; I had a lot to choose from!) and kind of fluked this one. I love how it combines two of my favourite photography concepts: macro, and depth of field. The blurred street lights in the background show me that this was a good time to take this photo, because if I had tried to take something like this at night, you wouldn’t be able to see the post. But it was dusk, and therefore dark enough for the street lights to come on. I really do want to visit a busy stretch of road one night and play around with the logistics of taking good street photos when it’s so dark. This photo will remind me that dusk isn’t do bad either.

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 20

F Stop: 3.5

Exposure: 1/8


Now this photo is me playing around with how different exposure times look at this time of day. Though the photo is a little grainier then I’d like, it does show the colouring of the sky quite nicely. I plan to go out and tweak this a little more someday. As well as find a tad nicer landscape to silhouette.

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 55

F Stop: 8

Exposure: 1/60

That’s all for today! I hope you all benefited something from my experimentation.

Renee xx

P.S. I was very sad to hear about the passing of actor Sir John Hurt today. May he rest in peace.


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