27/01/2017: The day where nothing happened


Hello there!

I fear today’s post will be a lot shorter than usual, as I didn’t really do much at all. I am trying to break out of this waking-up-in-the afternoon-habit before uni goes back, but it’s a bit difficult when I’m staying up until 3am in the morning… Oops. As a self-confessed hater of coffee there’s not a lot I can do except get more sleep.

I spent most of the day moping around because I didn’t have anything planned. This is another bad habit of mine – I rely too much on my social life for entertainment these days. Watching movies and TV shows is great, but I find that it doesn’t satisfy my boredom as much as it used to. I guess experts would call this “growing up”. Bleh.


You know you’re really bored when you start doing chores and homework for fun though, right? I actually decided to change my cats litter tray, and watch a movie I needed to in preparation for uni. Although that movie was actually really good I even went and spent a while applying for jobs, a chore that I always avoid (which is bad, because then I have no money and complain about it. And I also get bored, like today!)

Boredom is such an interesting emotion (is it an emotion? I have no idea. It is now.) Because I find myself surrounded by things I could do, but I have no motivation to do them. My books spill out of my bookshelf, and there are several I haven’t read yet, but I just don’t feel like it because I feel like I should be doing something more important. I have half a season of Lucifer that I haven’t seen yet, but again, I feel like it’s a waste of time for today. I have stories that I’ve begun writing that I can’t finish because I can’t bring myself to try and work through the writers block. There are friends I could probably call but then I talk myself out of it because they might already have plans, or want a day to themselves. So instead of all these solutions, I find myself lying in bed on my phone browsing through Instagram pictures I’ve already seen, wanting to do something but lacking any motivation to do it. Fuck.

I hope you all can learn from my habits here and not fall into the same trap of waiting for something to change, and being disappointed when it doesn’t because you haven’t changed. My biggest issue is that at this point, I don’t know how to change. Hopefully if I get the job I applied for today, that’ll cause a switch up in my routine somewhere to knock some sense into me.


Before I go – Nala decided to join me while I was applying for the job, so I couldn’t resist taking some photos of her while she was sitting so still. I decided to play around with framing using the bars at the foot of my bed, and ended up with this gem. Nawwww.

Image Specifics:

Focal Length: 45

F Stop: 5

Exposure: 1/15

That’s all for today, hopefully tomorrow is more exciting!

Renee xx


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