24/01/2017: The First


Hello friends, and welcome to my very first blog post!

This is a new thing I have decided to try so bare with me, as it will likely be a bumpy ride full of mistakes and occasional “woohoo!” moments.

While this is first and foremost a platform for me to share my photos, it is also a platform for me to share my thoughts. For example, this post is accompanied with some of my favourite shots from my trip to Monarto Zoo today. As I took these photos I realised that I wanted to share them with a wider platform then just my instagram account (I know, this might seem a tad redundant as I am currently probably writing to no one whatsoever!) They might possibly seem generic or uninteresting to some people, but I feel as though the thought processes that went into taking them make their own story – it’s these thoughts I want to share with whoever bothers to read this.


I have decided to set some goals for this blog and see if I can achieve them by the end of the month…

1. Post daily, preferably with 3 or more photos to share. This might get cut down after the first month as I will be beginning uni once more.

2. Stay honest. This blog is not a platform for me to gain popularity, I’m not doing this to gain fans. I’m doing this because it’s a new form of self-expression that I wish to try. I will write what I want to write, and I will not sensor it to be “tasteful” for a larger audience. If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. I won’t apologise for who I am.

3. Develop my photography. Use days that I’m not doing anything to go out and explore something new – new styles, new landscapes, new anything. Experimentation will be key to keeping this interesting I think (I mean honestly, I will likely get bored of posting pictures of my cat if all I do is stay home all day. And if I’M getting bored, god knows what you all think. Not that I really care about that too much.)

4. Commit to this. Along the same lines as post daily, I know, but I think committing is different to just posting. I have commitment issues every time I try something different, and I’m sick and tired of following that same pattern. Self development here I come.

5. Stick to topics. If I start talking about something in a post, I will stick to it (Read as: I will damn well try.) Otherwise I will be typing in circles, everyone (including myself) will get confused and I will end up with a blog post that consists of over 10,000 words. Great if I’m on track talking about something I’m passionate about. Not great if I started talking about a TV show I watched and end with some political rant (to be fair, this probably is something I’ll likely do if my TV show isn’t treating their LGBT+ characters properly.)

So feel free to stick around! Or not. Hell, if your only motivation to keeping up with me is because you want to see if I can stick to my goals, it’s as good a reason as any. I will likely fail at least two of them. See if you can guess which two.


If you do plan to stick around, please take note of a couple of things…

1. These photos are mine. If you would like to use them for any reason, please contact me via email or through comments (though if it’s urgent, email is best). If I allow you to use them, you must credit me.

2. Please don’t leave negative comments. It’s a complete downer for me, and a downer for anyone else who just happens to read it. Negative comments are more likely to block my creativity making it harder to be myself and therefore make the blog less interesting. Don’t be That Person. If you disagree with me, get the hell off my blog. Everyone is allowed opinions, of course, but if you sharing your opinion completely disrespects or disregards mine, then I really don’t want to hear it. Also, if you’re homophobic, get out now. This really is not the place for you.

3. Also on the topic of comments – please don’t comment to garner sympathy for yourself about something. Or even worse, please don’t comment to convey your pity for me. I will be the first to admit that I don’t always respect myself, or like myself very much. Likely that will come up here. But please don’t post sympathy comments (e.g. I post: “I look gross”, and then you post “you’re beautiful don’t be so down!”). While I appreciate the gesture, this blog is where I plan to express myself completely. Comments like this are more irritating than helpful as it feels that you’re not respecting my desire to be myself.

Please don’t take this as a wish not to receive comments. Constructive comments are always welcome (I will accept these especially for my photos). Comments that offer more to my post, such as questions about my experience or a desire to discuss something I’ve talked about are a wonderful idea. I will try and be active around the comments as I can. However if your comment is disrespectful, it will be deleted.

Don’t like, don’t read. Please. I cannot stress this enough.

That’s all for now friends! Until tomorrow (aka later today. Oops.)

Renee xx


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